The 2011 Speakers & Their Lectures: “The Sham Gods Of ‘Orthotalksy””

Allan Turner — Introduction

Randy Blackaby — “The God Who Doesn't Do Anything”

Allan Turner — “The God Who Doesn't Know The Future”

Kent Berman — “The God Who Can Fail”

Adam Litmer — “The God Who Can Cease Being God, Or ‘My Lord And My God’”

Albert Dickson — “The God Who Must Be Either Here Or There”

Allan Turner — “The State: A Mortal, But Very Supreme, God”

Allan Turner — “Scientism: Modernity's Sacred Cow”

Allen Dvorak — “The God Of ‘Nice,’ And The ‘Age Of The Earth’ Controversy”

Chris Reeves — “The ‘Only In And Through The Word’ Bunch”

David Norfleet — “The Divine Logos: The God Who Did Not Die Vicariously”

Dan Chaney — “What Do We Mean When We Say The Bible Is Inerrant?”

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